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New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice

The New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice (NZGAP) is a quality assurance programme that provides a framework for the sustainable and responsible production of horticultural products in New Zealand. It is designed to ensure that growers meet both domestic and international standards for food safety, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Here are the key aspects of NZGAP:

Image by Chad Stembridge
  1. Food Safety:
  2. NZGAP emphasizes the importance of producing safe food. It includes standards for hygiene, water quality, handling, and application of agricultural chemicals to minimize risks to food safety.

  3. Traceability and Product Integrity: The programme supports the traceability of products from the farm to the consumer, ensuring that all products can be tracked back to their source. This helps in maintaining product integrity and managing recalls if necessary.

  4. Environmental Management: NZGAP includes guidelines for sustainable environmental practices, including water management, soil conservation, biodiversity, and waste management. It encourages practices that minimize the environmental impact of agricultural activities.

  5. Worker Welfare and Social Responsibility: The programme incorporates standards for worker welfare, including health and safety, working conditions, and labor rights. It promotes social responsibility towards employees and the community.

  6. Compliance and Auditing: NZGAP requires regular audits to ensure compliance with its standards. These audits are conducted by accredited third parties to assess the practices and processes of growers.

  7. Market Access: By adhering to NZGAP standards, growers can enhance their market access both domestically and internationally. The programme is recognized by major trading partners and supermarkets, which can facilitate the export of products.

  8. Continuous Improvement: NZGAP encourages continuous improvement in agricultural practices. It provides a framework for growers to regularly assess and improve their operations in line with evolving standards and best practices.

  9. Adaptability: The programme is designed to be adaptable to various types of horticultural operations, from small family farms to large commercial enterprises. It allows for flexibility in implementing practices that meet the specific needs of different operations while adhering to core standards.

Overall, NZGAP aims to support the sustainable and responsible production of horticultural products, enhancing food safety, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

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